6 Important skincare resolutions to take this new year

With the new year comes the mandatory list of resolutions that we make, update and sometimes even forget about. Getting up early, eating better, exercising more, and making time to read, are all common resolutions that we hear about. This year, along with the usual lists for our health, work and life, let’s make some for our skin. Skin care may sound tedious but it is as important as that glass of milk you have resolved to drink daily!

Instead of making huge changes, try making small ones, consistently. Even that nightly face wash before bedtime, done consistently will help. Here are 6 important skincare resolutions you can make this year to ensure healthy and glowing skin.

The image below should say  “6 important skin care resolutions to make this year”

6 Important skincare resolutions to take this new year


  • Wash up


Always take off your makeup and wash your face before going to bed at night. Makeup clogs pores and can cause issues like dry skin and acne. Though going to bed without washing your face might be too tempting after a long hectic day, don’t skip the night wash. Keep some wet tissues handy for a quick fix when you are feeling too lazy.


  • Drink water


Drinking an adequate amount of water does wonders for your health as well as your skin. Whether you are at work or at the gym, keep a bottle of water handy to continue hydrating.


  • Stick to a routine


Skin care routines are never bad. Develop a skin care routine and stick to it this year. Wash, exfoliate, and cleanse daily! Even pamper yourself with a facial, monthly. Carry a natural foam cleanser during your outings. Clean up after work, gym and any kind of outing. Remember to clean your make up brushes and change your pillowcases regularly. Every morning and before going to bed, take out some time to care for your skin.


  • Buy good products


Always use products without harsh chemicals that suit your skin type. If you haven’t already found the right ones, dabble around a little to find what suits your skin. Use sunscreen when stepping out, even on a cloudy day. Never skip moisturizing your skin after your shower. If you have oily skin make sure you buy products that reduce the oil deposits on your skin.


  • Get medical help


Given the pace of life today it is not easy to eat healthy always. The junk food, binging, late nights and environmental pollution, all lead to utter disaster for our skin. Talk to your doctor and pick up multivitamins that can help in filling the gaps in your nutrition. Also, make an annual dermatologist appointment to get your skin checked. If your skin seems dry or oily even after using proper products, consult a skin specialist.


  • Hands off


Finally, stop touching your face repeatedly. Every time you touch your face, whether to check on that awful zit or to remove those bangs from your eyes, you are depositing grease from your fingers and spreading bacteria. Keep you hands off your face.

With better quality skin products and healthier habits, you can attain the beautiful skin you have always dreamed of. So, this new year, follow these 6  skincare resolutions from Posh Naturals to treat your skin better and be awarded with that perfect glow!

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