Enhancing your Eyelashes with Grape Stem Cells

Luxuriously long eyelashes are every woman’s dream. They make the eyes more distinct and prominent thereby enhancing a woman’s beauty. Sadly, very few are lucky enough to be born with them. Over the years, women have used many methods to gain longer and thicker eyelashes. There are home remedies that might make your lashes a little thicker and some that will make them shiny. However, these remedies are time-consuming and may not yield the expected results. Then there are certain products that you can use to make your eyelashes stand out permanently.

eyelash enhancer

A good, volumizing mascara and a curler might just do the trick for one evening out. However, none of these solutions are permanent or long lasting. What you really need is to get your eyelashes to grow more, naturally.

Those dreamy long lashes can be a reality. What you really need is an eyelash serum that will increase eyelash growth. There are many eyelash serums available today within a range of price levels. Before you select one, do the research the ingredients contained and the how it works. The product needs to target and work at a cellular level to promote the natural growth of eyelashes rather than offering temporary solutions.

There are different types of serums available in the market today. They contain active ingredients like Muscadine Grape, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Hyaluronic Acid, Apple stem cell, Vitamin B3, Kelp Extract, Keratin and other organic ingredients like Vitamin E, Bio-Peptides, Soy Protein, Biotin, Amino Acids, Olive Oil, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate and Thyme. These ingredients influence the growth of eyelashes and also nourish the hair follicles while fighting free radical damage.

eyelash enhancer with grape stem cells

Some great eyelash enhancer serums use botanically derived peptide which increases eye lash growth by stimulating and strengthening their cellular foundation. The compound stimulates the keratin genes, in the lash follicle, which is responsible for the length and size of the lashes. These serums contain the stem cells from grapes. The stem cells of certain grapes contain metabolites and special epigenetic factors which protect human skin stem cells from harmful UV radiation. By protecting the main characteristics of the skin’s stem cells, they provide superior protection for your eyelashes. Eyelash enhancers using grape stem cells to promote longer lashes have delivered impressive results by increasing the length and density of the eyelashes  

With many women now wanting to grow their eyelashes naturally rather than using fake ones, there has been a surge in the number of products flocking the markets. Each one promises a different growth rate and benefits. You might need to try out a few before finding the perfect one that works for you. Do your research to find out which serums look better on paper. Once you have a consideration set, try out each until you find the one that suits you best. It might be a long process, so be patient. Once you do find the perfect product, wait and watch your face transform with beautifully long eyelashes.

Posh naturals’ eye lash enhancer offers a natural route to longer eye lashes. The serum is prepared from grape stem extract and peptide ingredients which stimulates eye lash growth. Apply every night before bedtime to see maximum results. Check out our product page to discover more.

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