How to Take Care of Your Skin When You Travel

Skin care, while tedious, is easy when you can sit at your dresser or access all of your products across your bathroom vanity. However, when you travel, things tend to get a little tricky. From deciding which products to carry and then how you squeeze in time for skin care while outside of your normal routine, there are many obstacles to providing your skin with proper care which on vacation; when it probably needs it the most. Traveling is tough on your skin because you are exposed to different  environmental factors (i.e. fabric, temperature, humidity, etc.) Here’s a quick guide to what you can do to care for your skin while you travel.

How to Take Care of Your Skin When You Travel


Run through a typical day, in your mind, and gather all the products you would normally use. When you pack, remember to take all the basic essentials of your skin care routine, moisturizer being the most important one. Don’t forget to check the airline rules to ensure you have packed according to their regulations so that you can avoid issues at the check in counter.

Moisturizer and sunscreens

Moisturizer and sunscreen are your best friend on your vacation. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen even on cloudy days. Pack these two products even if you don’t use them normally. Buy moisturizers that have more vitamin E and C and are anti-inflammatory. Your sunscreen should have an SPF of at least 30.

Avoid harmful products

Carry a small tube of your skin care product in your handbag so that you don’t find the need to use any of the soaps provided by the hotel or any other restroom you might have to use on the way. Also, avoid heavy makeup and other harsh products that might dry up your skin. If you wear sunglasses, there might be sweat deposits around the rim;so remember to pat your skin dry regularly.

Maintain routines

Try to eat well and get your eight hours of sleep, daily. Moisturize your skin after you take a bath and before you go to sleep. Do not forget to wash your face before you go to bed. Drink as much water as possible. Remember to use a skin serum before you take a flight to hydrate your skin and wash up after reaching your destination.

Tight clothes or clothes made of nylon and rayon will cause rashes and should be avoided. Stick to cotton clothing as much as possible. Don’t forget to keep your hands off your face since it will only spread grease and might cause the awful blemish that you want to avoid.

Finally, try to read up a little about the place you are travelling to and prepare your skin accordingly. Carry extra skin care products, if necessary, to help your skin cope with the atmosphere at your destination.


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