Skin Care Essentials – A Checklist For Skincare Products

A structured skin care routine is the first step towards healthy, beautiful skin. If you ever walk into a store and are overwhelmed with the range of skincare products in the aisle, fret not! Here is a comprehensive list of the top seven skincare products that can help you break through all the clutter and are absolute must-haves to get your skincare routine cracking!

 skin care essentials


Just like you never go to bed angry, it is a golden rule to never go to without cleansing your face. Invest in a good cleanser to clear clogged pores that could lead to breakouts and premature aging. When you are about to purchase a cleanser, pick one that suits your skin type. Once you have cleansed your face, use a toner to remove excess oils and seal the routine with a hydrating moisturizer.


Dehydrated skin can end up making you look dull and tired. It is imperative to moisturize your skin with a suitable moisturizer at least twice a day. Dab minuscule amounts of moisturizer on problem areas like the chin, forehead, cheeks, elbows, knees, hands and feet, because these areas tend to get dry than most other parts of the body.


If you want to prevent rapid skin aging, an effective sunscreen is a must! There can be no two ways about it! The UV rays of the sun can be extremely harmful and could damage your skin permanently, leading to unsightly discolouration. It could also put your skin at a risk of long-term issues such as cancer and hyperpigmentation.


Exfoliators can help stimulate skin renewal and rid your skin of dead cells. Purchase exfoliators or scrubs that are best-suited with your skin type and look for ones that do not come with microbeads as they irritate the texture of the skin in the long run!

5)Eye Cream

The skin under the eyes is a lot thinner compared to the skin in other parts of the body. Since the skin is thin, it shows the blood vessels more clearly, which is why it may sometimes appear that you have dark circles. Because of its elasticity, the skin under the eyes is prone to fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration. Opt for a lightweight eye cream or gel that can tackle all these problems with regular use. However, be very careful not to use the eye cream very close to the eyes. Limit its application to just under it.

6)Lip Balm

It is very easy to forget to care for the lips when you have bigger problems to worry about such as acne on the forehead or laugh lines. Nevertheless, your lips deserve and require the same amount of care just like the skin in other places. Hydrating your lips with just your saliva could lead to discolouration and further dryness. Purchase a good lip balm that will protect your lips from dryness, the sun’s rays and restore its natural sheen.

7)Makeup Remover

It goes without saying that the makeup remover, is probably one of an essential skin care product on your checklist, no matter how minimal your makeup collection. Never go to bed with just a simple wash, especially if you have used makeup during the day. Makeup is created with water/oil-based and gets absorbed by the skin very quickly. A simple wash will not remove the makeup that has been absorbed by the skin. A makeup remover will thoroughly cleanse the skin of residual makeup, unclog the pores of dirt and leave your skin feeling fresh before you retire for the night.

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