What causes dark circles under eyes?

Several reasons such as fatigue or too much alcohol create dark circles under the eyes. No matter how dark the circles are, they can end up making you look way older beyond your years. The good news, however, is that they are one hundred percent treatable. Before we can discuss how to treat dark circles, let us delve deeper into what could cause the problem in the first place.

What Causes Dark Circles?

hat causes dark circles under eyes

Skin Type

Preorbital dark circles are caused by excessive stress, staying up for long hours and could surprisingly also be due to your genes. Yes, that’s right. Your skin type is often determined by the genes you have acquired. Some people are born with thicker skin under sensitive regions such as the eyes, the armpits or even the inner thighs. Some people are born with thinner skin, and this has a lot to do with your gene pool. Simply put, if you notice that you have bluish dark circles under your eyes, it could probably be because you have thinner skin under your eyes than most others. The thin layer of dermis below the eyes ends up showing oxygenated blood vessels a lot more visible than anywhere else in the body, giving you dark circles even if you’ve been getting enough sleep. Another reason could be due to the elasticity of the skin. As you age, your skin loses elasticity and the ability to regenerate new skin cells. This elasticity leads to thinner under-eye skin, which is why some older adults have more prominent dark circles than young adults.


Your body produces a chemical known as cortisol when it is low on energy. Cortisol allows you to stay awake even when your body wants to shut down. When large amounts of cortisol are released, it increases the volume of blood in your body, which in turn, causes the blood vessels to swell to accommodate the sudden flow. If you already have thin skin under your eyes, it may cause prominent dark circles under your eyes because of the engorged blood vessels under the skin. Those with hardier skin could encounter dark circles with fatigue as well.

Allergies And Deficiencies

Certain allergies could cause the skin around your eyes to darken leaving you looking sick and sleep-deprived. Nasal congestion, caused by allergies, can dilate blood vessels around your eyes, leaving your eyes appearing darker than before. Even if you suffer from certain deficiencies such as iron deficiencies, it could prevent oxygenated blood from getting to your eye tissues leaving them looking dark.


Improper sleep patterns, prolonged crying, hyperpigmentation caused by too much exposure to the sun, stress, drinking too much alcohol/caffeine or even excessive smoking could lead to the formation of dark circles under your eyes.

What Can You Do To Reduce Dark Circles?

Having dark, shadowy eyes could cause plenty of embarrassment. However, here are a few quick tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your daily routine to get rid of dark circles effectively. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E and is extremely beneficial for delicate skin with dark circles. Regular use will reduce the appearance of dark circles. Cucumbers have astringent properties and are known to lighten the skin. Apart from reducing the appearance of dark circles, they also have a soothing effect. Posh Natural’s Cucumber eye cream is designed to alleviate dark circles. It also stimulates collagen growth, reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Apply it in the evening before sleep for best results.


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