How To Use Collagen Serum

Want tighter, brighter skin? Collagen serums are perfect skincare solutions that can be applied and massaged directly onto the face post a cleansing ritual and before applying moisturizer. Collagen serums comprise of tiny molecules that are quickly absorbed by the skin. Most serums work on tackling specific skincare concerns, which is why a collagen serum would efficaciously solve issues related to your skin’s collagen.

How To Use Collagen Serum

Collagen plays a major role when it comes to retaining your skin’s elasticity. With age, however, your collagen levels will deplete, which will result in fine lines, wrinkles and other skin-related issues. With collagen serums such as the Posh Naturals Total Collagen Rejuvenating Serum, you can kiss aging skin goodbye. Serums such as these, help in boosting collagen levels and in turn, renewing skin firmness.

How To Use Them

  • Exfoliate and cleanse your skin thoroughly with an effective cleanser.
  • Once you have dabbed your face dry, apply tiny dots of serum all over your face and neck and gently massage the serum in firm circular motions onto the skin.
  • Make sure you have covered all areas of your face and neck for an even blend.  
  • Lock in the serum with your regular face moisturizer.
  • Apply the serum twice a day for best results.

If you have acne-prone skin, understand the ingredients that are used in the serum before you purchase them. Most serums are water-based, but there are a few serums that are oil-based. Oil based serums are not advisable for people who have frequent acne breakouts, so ensure you do a patch test before piling it on. If you do face frequent acne breakouts, you could also look for serums that contain Vitamin C and glycolic acid. It could help regenerate new skin, reduce inflammation, diminish scars over a period and soothe any irritation caused by severe acne. All this and more while fixing collagen levels and without clogging pores!

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