Stem Cells In Skincare. What Does It Really Mean?

Anti-ageing is currently one of the hottest buzzwords skincare buffs seek from the vast spectrum of skincare products available in the market. Be it products that contain retinol or even bee venom; skin care enthusiasts are always seeking new and improved methods of preserving skin health. Stem cells are now quickly becoming a well-known contender. Many skin care products today contain unique plant stem cells that help with the restoration of human skin stem cells and stimulate rapid growth.

Stem cells in skin care What does it really mean

Stem cells are known for treating various, chronic diseases, skin damage and are also known to regenerate almost any form of cell in the body. With its astounding success in the field of medicine, the cosmetics and skincare industry are now looking for robust results to tackle skincare woes by using stem cells in modern-day, skincare products.

What You Need To Know

  1. There are two kinds of stem cells; embryonic stem cells and plant stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are exogenous. What this means is that they are harvested from fertilized human eggs and are mostly used to treat chronic illnesses. Skincare companies do not gather embryonic stem cells for skincare, but use plant cells instead, because they function in a comparable manner and help in sustaining growth and repair tissue.
  2. Stem cells are the new “in” because they effectively have two crucial roles to play. Stem cells have growth factors that help in regenerating new cells, and they also induce the production of collagen which in turn, combats the chronological aging process, corrects wrinkles, fine lines and restores the skin’s natural texture.
  3. Plant stem cells are rich in epigenetic properties and metabolites that help in the “preservation” of your skin cells. It helps in maintaining the youthful quality and firmness of the skin.
  4. Even though, stem cells may seem like a boon when it comes to skincare products, ensure that you always read the labels on the products before you decide to splurge your money. The number of stem cells in the product matter. Ensure that it is an active ingredient in the product that you are using. If you see a minuscule percentage used or if you notice that the component is listed somewhere towards the end on the label, the effect is not likely to be as great. Always double check the skin care products that you plan on buying.
  5. One of the other benefits of stem cells in skincare products is that it protects human skin cells against harmful UV radiation elements; one of the biggest factors that fuels are aging processes. One such product that stimulates the growth of cells and protects the skin from harmful UV rays is the Posh Naturals Peptide Lash Enhancer, one that helps in the healthy growth of eyelashes.


Stem cells and peptides, when combined with modern-day skin care products and applied topically, could stimulate the growth of the skin’s natural stem cells. With stem cells quickly making its place in the skincare industry, pursue a new route to gaining younger, healthier-looking skin!


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