What Moisturizer Should I Use?

Understanding your skin type and knowing what your skin needs will help you make the right decision. Dry skin, oily skin and mixed skin types all listen to different moisturizers that are made to skin type. Nonetheless, the choices are immense and the number of moisturizers available in the market today will surely make your head spin. Cleansers and moisturizers are vital skincare products especially if you suffer from dry, patchy skin. A moisturizer, as the name suggests, works its way into the pores of your skin and seals the outer layer to prevent your skin from drying out.


What Moisturizer Should I Use?

What moisturizer should I use

The moisturizer you choose must suit your skin type, and the ingredients used must be toxic free. There are, of course, several “green” equivalents in the market today, using ingredients that are paraben-free and non-toxic for the skin. It works well especially for those people who are skeptical about covering their skin with too many chemicals.


You can bring the natural moisture back to the skin if your moisturizer has these natural ingredients:



Squalane is an unsaturated oil which our skin cells produce. It is present in olives, sugarcane, wheat germ, rice grain, palm trees and shark liver. Squalane leaves the skin hydrated, stout and delicate.  It gets quickly absorbed into the skin and makes the surface of the skin very light and non-oily.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our body which helps to lock the moisture into the skin keeping the skin hydrated and healthy.  But as we age, skin Moisturizer can fall altogether, which makes the skin lose elasticity and uncover the indications of aging on the skin. Therefore it is important to choose a Moisturizer which has abundant supplements of Hyaluronic Acid.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is significantly more successful than any consistent body lotion due to its unique properties. If you apply a couple of drops of the oil directly after a shower,  it will lock in the dampness in the skin. Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties which likewise help in decreasing dryness and irritation brought on by winter itch and dry skin.

Apricot Oil

Apricot kernel seed oil


Apricot kernel seed oil is a light and delicate oil commonly used in skincare and beauty products to balance, nourish and lubricate your skin. Apricot oil is used to saturate balanced skin, oily skin, and hormone sensitive skin. In spite of the fact that apricot bit oil is most helpful for oily skin types, it is sufficiently delicate to use on any skin complexions. Apricot kernel oil will likewise help rehydrate dry skin.


Now you would be wondering if there a powerful moisturizer with these four natural moisturizers in it. Yes, there is a great moisturizer cream with these 4 in 1 benefits. It is The Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream developed by Posh Naturals Skincare. It is a mild, gentle cream that moisturizes, conditions and soothes the skin. Enhanced with jojoba oil, Apricot kernel oil  Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane oil the moisturizer soaks up the moisture from the surrounding environment and keeps the skin feeling soft and supple!

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