How Resveratrol Helps Combat Aging & Skin Disorders?

Have you ever wondered why wine is recommended for glowing, youthful skin and other health benefits such as a healthy heart? Wine contains resveratrol, a plant-based phenol, and phytoalexin found in the skins of grapes and sometimes transferred to wine through the process of fermentation. The benefits for skin are countless, because it has powerful anti-aging and antioxidant properties that can slow down the damage caused by age-related stress, UV rays, and infection. Over the years, the topic of resveratrol has become a subject of great interest in the skin care industry and is now quickly making its way as a core ingredient into skin care products.

Resveratrol Cream Skincare


More about Resveratrol:

As a part of nature, the resveratrol component is found in more than 70 plus plant species and is helpful in protecting the plant cells from Ultraviolet rays, infections, pollution and other environmental stressors. Scientific studies have proven, resveratrol has lifespan extension capabilities and has shown positive results for over 60% of organisms on earth, but mostly worms and other species.

In humans, elastin and collagen are required for a smooth, youthful and healthy appearance of skin. Though drinking plenty of wine may help, it may not always be feasible or economical!  Which is why, resveratrol, the longevity molecule has become the need of the hour to combat aging and skin disorders.  It has moreover become a luxury skin care ingredient.

So, what really happens when our skin ages or is in contact with free radicals?

Our skin naturally loses elasticity and collagen when free radicals interfere with the production of the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid. Our skin also undergoes an Oxidative stress with exposure to UV rays, smoking habits and other environmental pollution. This Oxidative stress destructs the collagen structure and begins to naturally collapse, which gives the fine lines, sagging skin and dull appearance.

Resveratrol acts as a free radical scavenger and also promotes estrogen growth which helps in the maintenance of the collagen structure.  It also helps in retaining the skin’s youthful firmness and provides brighter complexion. The resveratrol helps stimulate cellular proteins, that in turn helps promote longer skin cell life, helps with skin cell repair and also helps boost skin cell production. This is what helps control the aging process on the skin and also helps the skin heal in case of injuries, infections and other skin disorders.

Use Resveratrol…. The Posh Naturals Way!

Posh Naturals, an organic skin care brand, is well-known for a product known as the Resveratrol Peptide 2-1 Complex – a well-rounded formula that combines the best of resveratrol and plumping peptides that enhances the skin’s complexion, diminishes wrinkles and fine-lines. In addition to this, this formula also moisturizes the skin thanks to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid that has the most amazing ability to draw natural moisture from the air and trap it within the pores of the skin. This ensures that the moisture in the skin is retained and your skin remains supple through the day.

The Posh Naturals Resveratrol Peptide 2-1 formula also strengthens the skin’s elasticity by working on reducing the muscle contractions on the face. This in turn, helps give your skin a more supple, softer look, as compared to the harsh lines and saggy appearance of otherwise, aging skin. For best results, this light formula needs to be used twice a day – once in the morning and evening.

So, if you’re bothered by dull, uneven looking skin and exaggerated fine lines, the Resveratrol Peptide 2-1 Complex could just be the solution for you. Say hello to visibly-improved and younger looking skin in no time at all.


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